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Michael E. Schwartz, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist NJ
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Michael Evan Schwartz

Research Experience
Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation
June, 1996 - June 2000
Coordinated an IRB committee which 1) set hospital policy for all research activities within the hospital setting, and 2) reviewed and approved all proposed research studies involving human subjects.
Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation
Sept., 1993 - June 2000
A research database was designed for cardiac rehabilitation patients. Multiple psychological measures (i.e., of anger, depression, perceived social support, Type A behavior, etc.) were being analyzed in conjunction with a variety of physiologic and demographic indicators, at both admission and discharge.
University of Delaware
Defended, October 1993
A study was designed to learn more about transitional properties of adolescent attachment. The focus was on the developmental process by which parents are relinquished as attachment figures and new attachments are formed with intimate peers. Data collection was a multi-method approach incorporating Q-sorts and observer-rated interactions.
Advisor: Roger Kobak, Ph.D.
Commission to Promote Ethnic Diversity
University of Delaware
Sept., 1989 - May, 1990

Conducted a comprehensive university-wide survey designed to collect data on 1) the implementation of diversity-related programs at all levels of the University infrastructure, and 2) the statistical representation of all ethnic groups of university students grouped by sex and year in college. Survey results were presented to the president of the university.

Connecticut College
Defended, May 1988
Conducted a study designed to investigate the relationship between unforced aloneness and the experience of loneliness. Data collection was a multi-method approach, including content analysis and observer ratings.
Advisor: Otello Desiderato, Ph.D.
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