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Michael E. Schwartz, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist NJ
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Michael Evan Schwartz

Additional Experience  

Nov. 29, 2000: Completed Continuing Education Workshop on "Coding and Billing for Mental               Health", Philadelphia, PA.

Dec. 17, 1997: Achieved membership status for the Postdoctoral Fellowship training program at               Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship               Centers (AAPIC), a nationally recognized organization.

Sept. 1996: Awarded full clinical staff privileges at Atlantic City Medical Center, Atlantic City, N.J.

July 1996: Awarded full clinical staff privileges at Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital, Cape May Court               House, N.J.

June 1996: Appointed Chairman of Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Bacharach Institute for               Rehabilitation. Coordinated the activities of a committee charged with seeing hospital policy for all               research activities within the hospital.

April 15, 1996: Invited Speaker at Western Medical Services, Egg Harbor, NJ. Topic: Home Health Aide               Care of the Tetraplegic Spinal Cord Injured Patient --Psychosocial Adjustment to Injury.

May 3, 1995: Served as Site Director and Coordinator for National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day at the               New Roads Psychological Group in Linwood, New Jersey.

Feb., 1995: Designated by American Heart Association New Jersey Speaker's Bureau as regional speaker,               lecturer on psychological aspects of cardiac health, cardiac rehabilitation.

Mar. 13, 1994: Completed 21.6 hours of Continuing Education and Training in Sexuality Education at the               University of Pennsylvania and Medical College of PA. Topic: Sexual Health Care in Spinal Cord               Injury Rehabilitation.

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